The Economy Shoe Shop, inspired by a local art designer, opened its doors in 1995. For over the past 25 years “The Shoe” has become internationally acclaimed and one of the most iconic spots that Nova Scotia has to offer. Located on Argyle Street, the heart of Halifax’s entertainment industry.

“This is a great place to meet up with friends, find new friends or just have a good meal with a unique atmosphere. It has that “olden” look with the ancient bricks on the walls of the cafe and bar. It is a very busy place and at times, hard to hear your friends talking but that only adds to the fun of being there.

“One of my fave bar/ pubs in Halifax. There are multiple rooms and the walls show the age of the building. Enjoy a stella or hoegarden beer at the Belgian bar. They have an awesome menu with lots of appetizers and entrees. Everything we had was delicious.”

However, despite enjoying decades of success, like many others Roamer were steam rollered by the quartz revolution, and as demand for mechanical watches plummeted, the in-house production of parts ceased in 1975. The company stayed in the Meyer family until 1983, before being bought by the Swatch group, who then sold it on to the Hong Kong based Chung Nam Company in 1994.

“Love this place,even if I’m only in the city for the day, we make a trip for a beer and the atmosphere.. great entertainment with customers of all ages”

“The restaurant is unique in its decor. The staff friendly and extremely efficient. the food is always excellent and the portions are large. My wife and I have taken friends and customers on many occasions and have never been disappointed.”